Answers to our most frequently asked questions 

1. How much do paint jobs cost?
We have provided an on-line quote request form for you to fill out and submit. You will receive a personalized quote via email.

Cost is based mostly upon amount of detail and how long a project takes to complete. I will give you an honest estimate of what i think it will take to complete your project. If you have a particular budget, let me know and i will do my best to work within that cost frame

The parts need to be off the bike, I do not disassemble or store the bike
while the artwork is being done.
As far as pricing, it depends on many things. Some of the most important
things are:
Is there any bodywork or scratch repair needed?
Are there any emblems or stickers that need to be removed? Emblems
that go back on are not a problem, ones that do not, are a problem.
Stickers that are under factory clear coat can be a big problem. To
remove them can be very time consuming and can mean an entire
re-paint of the base color. This can add much to the final price. Usually,
you don't know how much time is involved it is until it's finished. I try to
make it as quick and easy as possible, but some things are out of my

2. What is you turn-around time?
Anywhere from 1-6 weeks, depending on design , and how busy i am at any particular time

3. What kind of paint do you use?
 House of Kolor , PPG , Sherwin Williams  for color and Tamco primers and clear coats. Other paints have also been used for certain projects that call for a non automotive paint

4. What if I have my own design?
We encourage your participation in designing your paint job. Please include your design ideas with your quote form (either attach to an email or fax to the office). I will look at your design and work with your ideas to give you the paint of your dreams.

5. How do I get started with the process?
fill out and submit the request a quote form or give me a call at 773-213-4179. I will respond to your email or call asap

6. Do you do body work? or solid color paint work ?
Yes we do , we can complete most bodywork and fix dents or scratches if necessary

7. Can I save money doing my own body work?
No! Because of our quality ,we do not accept anyone’s body work but our own. Any work that has been done to your sheet metal will be stripped and redone using our products.

8. Can I see my design?
Once your project is in the shop,i will provide you with quick “renderings” of designs if needed to give you an idea of what is going on with your project. If you would like a more formalized illustration, or envision a very customized and/or complex design, that is not a problem. Let me know exactly what you want, and the design time will be figured into your quote.I do not do drawings for work that is not in the shop
9. Do you only paint motorcycles?
We will paint anything that paint can stick to.


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